Where do you ship?

Right now, the food products are shipped nationwide in the continental US. For the swag products, these can be shipped worldwide with the exception of Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. 

How are the products shipped?

The chocolate, spreads and raw ingredients ship via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail. The swag products ship various methods, depending on location and speed of delivery selected

Why is the swag shipped separately from the food products?

These products are produced in two different facilities and therefore they have to be shipped separately.

Why is there a 3 bar minimum on the chocolate bars?

Due to the cost of shipping and handling purchasing a single bar is not economical and shipping costs would total more than a single bar itself.

How do I sign up for a Tasty Yummies chocolate bar subscription?

Each chocolate bar product gives you the option to subscribe and save. They are also listed separately in the webstore. You can select from a single flavor of chocolate, a multipack of all three flavors or a duos pack with two flavors of your choice. Select your quantity of bars to be delivered and sign up and you will begin receiving your chocolate bars monthly.

How do I cancel my Tasty Yummies chocolate bar subscription?

You can login to your account at any time and adjust your subscription, change what you are receiving or cancel it. If you have any issues, please reach out: hello@tasty-yummies.com

Are these products made in a celiac-friendly environment?

Our products are made in small batches with great attention to detail. Our entire facility is strictly free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and GMO’s and we are committed to keeping it this way

Do you make these at your home, Beth?

No, all of the food products are created and shipped from our production facility in Chicago, IL.

Why do you use coconut sugar vs. other sweeteners?

I personally really love coconut sugar – it really is the sugar with benefits! Myself and many of my nutrition clients are also sensitive to or reactive to cane sugar. Coconut sugar is naturally high in minerals and has a lower glycemic index than many other sweeteners – even other “whole food” sweeteners like raw unrefined cane sugar, honey, or dates. We also really love its subtle caramel and maple-like flavor. Our coconut sugar is organic, sustainably grown, and fair trade certified. 

Why do you use raw cacao instead of toasted?

Raw cacao is one of the most chemically complex and antioxidant-rich foods on the planet! Many people don’t realize that cacao is rich in nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, and even Vitamin C – making it a true superfood. It also contains special compounds that work with our own neurotransmitters to lift our mood and help us feel happy, energized, and inspired. We utilize unheated cacao so that all of these amazing health benefits are preserved and delivered to you in our tasty dark chocolate bars. 

Where do you source your cacao? Is it fairly traded and ethical?

Cacao is the absolute foundation of our chocolate bars. This is why it was paramount that we find the finest quality and most ethically sourced cacao available. We source only single-origin, direct-imported raw, organic, heirloom cacao from small-farm cooperatives in the jungles of Peru. It is both certified USDA Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. Tasty Yummies and our suppliers work directly with organic and fairly traded cacao suppliers within native communities in Peru, working to provide consumers with densely nutritious products that are essential to the everyday environment, the economy and the social life of native Peruvian communities. By choosing Tasty Yummies chocolate, you, in turn, support unique and effective opportunities for Peruvians in remote jungle communities seeking sustainable production partnerships, and a healthier lifestyle through business operations.

I am interested in wholesale buying your products, is that possible?

Please contact us at hello@tasty-yummies.com for more information about wholesale purchases.

If you have more questions before ordering, please send an email to hello@tasty-yummies.com and we’ll do our best to help you out!